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About Us

Thanks for visiting our site!  Four Mile Farm, owned by Allison & Michael Bryant, is 60 hilly acres located in Ball Ground, GA.  Our love of cooking healthy and delicious food led us to start raising our own grassfed meat.  We are not a large operation and only keep as many animals as our pastures sustain.  Since we do not feed grain, we have to ensure that we don't over graze our pastures.

Our methods are simple.  Water and grass.  No hormones to grow bigger animals, no antibiotics to keep them healthy.  Because our animals live as nature intended, they are healthy and easy to care for.

Most of our time involved with the animals is spent maintaining the pastures and fences.  Our weed control relies on a 30 year old Yugoslavian built tractor that starts most of the time.  We mow the weeds down before they go to seed.  We don't use any herbicides to control the weeds. Other than the tractor, our methods are grass and water.  In the winter, if it's cold and rainy, we will bring the animals into the barn.  Otherwise, they are out roaming around the pastures.

We use Waldrep's Meat Processing in Ellijay to process our beef and lamb.  One of the reasons we selected them was because of their humane handling practices.  The animals are kept in a low stress and clean environment prior to being processed.  Since our steers live with us for several years, we become attached to them.  It is important to us that they are handled as humanely as possible throughout their entire life.