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Grass Fed FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Grass Fed Beef and Lamb

Q1.  Does it taste different?

A.  Grassfed meat can taste slightly different.  Depending on how you prepare it though, you may notice a different flavor, or if it has sauce or condiments on it, you may not notice a difference.  Most people agree that grass fed meat is definitely more flavorful!

Q2.  Should I cook it differently?

A.  Grassfed meat has less water in it than cornfed meat.  So cooking times and temperatures may vary slightly.  If you are new to grassfed meat, we recommend that you buy 'Tender Grassfed Meat' by Stanley Fishman.  You can find a link to it on 'Our Picks' page.

Q3.  What exactly does 'grassfed' mean?

A.  'Grassfed' means the animal only eats grass.  No grains such as corn and oats are consumed by the animals.  Grass can come in the form of pasture or hay.

Q4.  What are the health benefits?

A.  There are many health advantages to grassfed meat versus grainfed meat.  Below is a short list of them.  But we also encourage you to read the articles under the 'Recommended Reading' link.
    - Lower in fat 
    - Higher Omega-3 fatty acids
    - Higher Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA are potent cancer fighters)
    - Higher in Vitamin E
    - Higher in Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium
    - Lower in the saturated fats that are linked to heart disease 

Q5.  What about mad cow disease?

A.  Mad cow disease is transmitted by feeding an affected animal to another live animal.  This practice is outlawed in the US.  In addition, it is not a 'grassfed' practice since the animals are basically eating meat and that does not qualify as 'grassfed'.