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Price List

2015 Price List 



Filet                  $22/lb
TBones              $18/lb
Rib Eye              $16/lb
New York Strip    $16/lb
Sirloin                $12/lb

There are two steaks per pack and they are cut 1" thick.


Brisket                 $8/lb
Chuck Roast          $8/lb
Round Roast          $8/lb
Sirloin Tip Roast     $8/lb
Shoulder Roast       $8/lb
Rump Roast           $8/lb
Eye of Round          $8/lb
Bottom Round         $8/lb
London Broil/Top Round $8/lb

Roasts are typically 2-3 pounds each


Ground Beef          $8/lb (one pound packs) 
Stew                    $8/lb (approximately 1.5 pound packs)
Tongue                 $8/lb 
Liver                    $5/tub (tub is approximately 2 cups and a little over 1 pound)
Short Ribs             $6/lb
Shanks                 $5/lb
Oxtail                   $6/lb
Soup/Marrow Bones $5/lb
Offal                    $5/lb


Chops (rib or loin) $16/lb
Shoulder Steak     $12/lb
4MF Leg Steak      $12/lb
Leg of lamb         $10/lb
Stew                  $10/lb
Ground                $10/lb
Shanks                $7/lb

Inventory varies greatly....email for more information.